Monday, April 18, 2011

Reflections - Canon-VJC Seminar - Mavis Cheng

I am extremely fascinated with the photographs captured by the professionals who were gave the talks at the event. The photos gave off a totally different aspects of the certain event or object. I guess great photos can convey what the photographer is trying to get over by the photos. A picture can really tell a thousand words.

I am totally clueless about the professional cameras terms and settings. I should be upgrading myself .

Bird Photography by Mr Lee

Mr Lee's photos seemed to bring me to another world beyond the common. The birds seems to come to life in the photos. When Mr Lee presented his ' girlfriend' camera , I was shock beyond words as I have never come across anything thing like that. The lenses of Mr Lee's camera seems to be wider than my face !

Personally I really enjoy the talk about sports and action which was given by Ms Wong Maye-e. Her photos reflected a lot on her personality and a interesting perspective of life. The photos from what she took were totally different from what we normally think photography is - abstract , art and serious. Ms Wong's photos were fun and funny . Her talk totally blew my vision about photography. I have understand that photography can be fun . Look at the same thing from the different angles.

Mavis Cheng

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