Monday, April 18, 2011

Reflections - Video Production 1

I was the main actor (I acted as the main character), the main editor (I edited most of it), and the storyboarder. I quite enjoyed the acting and editing, however it was extremely tiring. (I stayed back many times to complete this) It was quite stressing to complete the video in a short period of time.
While producing this video, I faced quite a lot of challenges, for example getting many people to act. I have learnt that planning a video with lesser actors is much easier, and it is better for us students to create a video with lesser people.
I have also learnt a lot about editing as well as acting. I learnt that subtitles should be of the same size and font, and that they cannot be more than a line long.
I think that I can improve by trying not to laugh so much while acting. (during 1 scene, I almost laughed) I think I can also improve on my editing and subtitling next time.

-Jerome Heng

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