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My reflection (28 FEB 2011)-ruoyu

Today at media club,i learnt some important factors of a event and how a careful planing is extremely important at a event ,and knowing the event schedule so that when interviewing people,we will know where and when to look for them,also,we must also plan what questions to ask them,and if necessary ,we have to give them the question 1st so that they can think of a good answer. I have also learnt how photographers ,videographers ,journalist and interviewer work together .

Reflection 28/2/2011

During today's media club session, I learnt many new things about journalism.

Today , I learnt that journalism takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish. We have to do careful planning and organization in order to give a good write up or report. We must also plan before hand as to what we will be going to do. Example, who to interview, what questions to ask the interviewees, etc. Planning also includes knowing the schedule of a particular assignment or project and in this case, the celebrations@sst event. We ought to attend rehearsals too as this will allow us to be more familiar with the schedule for the actual event. I also learnt the processes taken to get to the final product in journalism including the videography, photography and actual report. I think that I will continue to learn more in media club.

Thank you


Today during media club I have learnt several important things about journalism
1)The importance of good planning. It is important for us to know a certain event's schedule. We must also plan on what we want to ask people during interviews, we also must give them the questions before hand so that they will be ready when we interview them.

2)I also learnt that we are strongly encouraged to attend rehearsals of the event that we would be journalling about, this is important as it gives us an idea of what the event is going to be like. We will also be starting on journalism when we do journalism for the 2011 Celebration at SST.

Here is my video of me! =)

Reflection-28 February 2011

Today in media club, i had understand more on what is journalist.
 Well it is simply writing what the events are happening and we are planning every single thing before the event happen.
 However, we need to know more about it. So we should be starting with questions on the 5's Wives and 1 Husband, then we build on by answering it!
 Doing all this is not simple it takes time and lots of preparation is needed to be done! =)
Thank you..


Today during media club I have learnt several important things about journalism.

The first would be the importance of good planning. As they say "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail", it is important for us to know a certain event's schedule. This is because we would know when to report and what is the best event to film. We must also plan on what we want to ask people during interviews, we also must give them the questions before we ask them.

Another thing I learnt is that we ought to attend rehearsals of a certain event. This is generally important as it gives us an idea of what the performance/event is going to be like. It also tells us if when to take a certain important photograph or film a certain portion of the performance/event. Lastly going to rehearsals is important as we need to confirm if the highlight of the event is truly the "highlight" of the event. This means that we can check if the highlight of the event is truly as entertaining as it is said to be, and if it's not we can focus on another part of the event to write an article about.

Reflections_28/2/11_Sandy Khoo

In this session, I learnt about the planning of events for journalism so as to cover the whole event. We will also be starting on Journalism first and we will be doing on 2011 Celebration at SST. As I was a prize awardee, I wasn't chosen for any of the roles to cover in the event. I guess this is a time for me to learn from other people before I can try it on my own.


Today I learn about planning about a how to take good shots of events by listing questions.I also get to know about the 2011 celebration@SST planning process.

Reflection: 28th February 2011, Monday

  Today, I learnt how the Media Club reports a event that happens in school. I also learnt how to write a report on an event. I feel very privileged to be in the Media Club as there are only 13 people admitted to the Media Club, and whenever there is a coming event, we will also get to see what will happen during the event so that we will know what to take pictures or videos of and can prepare what to write on the report.

Sandy's Introduction

Reflection_28 February 2011_Jerome Heng

Today I have learnt how to plan reporting events and the things that we need to know to plan to report on an event.

I have also learnt some journalism skills and planned for the upcoming 2011 Celebration@SST.

Reflection-28 Feb 2011

Today, I learnt about the things Media Club members do before an event, during the event and after the event. I learnt that before interviewing a person, I have to craft the questions and work with the journalist and videographer to plan a time and venue to interview the person. I learnt how to decide what I want to capture for the event like the backstage crew and their job to acknowledge their hard work. It is important for us to plan what we want to capture for the event as we need to know where we have to go and who to interview.

Lam Jiajun's Media Club Reflection_ 28 Feb 2011

Today, I have learnt many things such as journalism, pre-event, post-event and the actual event. I have also learnt to plan for interviewing, photographing and videoing events. The whole process may be a tedious task. We have to find where, when are the events and the highlights. Then we arrange in order which places are we going to go. We also need to prepare some questions for the interviewees too. After the events we have to do editing, combining the videos and pictures. Going to the rehearsals may help too.
I have learnt a lot today. I hope i can learn more throughout the other sessions.

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