Monday, April 18, 2011

Reflection- Video Production 1

My role was being the scriptwriter, prop master and assistant. I think I did my role well, and enjoyed the job. The whole process was tedious, tiring, but very fruitful in the end. I skipped a lot of meals, came home in the evening everyday. Sometimes I had to stay up late with group mates to discuss about what we were going to do the next day. There was a lot of pressure, stress and tension in completing the video in 2 weeks.
In the whole process, I learnt many points on videoing, acting, and video production. It was difficult to assemble actors and organizing them. Many of the actors were reluctant to be serious and we had to reshoot. I also learnt how tedious it was to produce a video. Our cameraman, Ying Liang also gave me some pointers on angles and how to operate the camera. I learnt on how to work as a film crew too.
The entire progress was tough and we met with some challenges. But we overcame them and managed to produce a fine video. I think we could have improved if we have more time.


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