Monday, April 18, 2011

Reflections-Video Production 1

My contributions:
I'm one of the actors in the video. I'm acting as the owner(Tom).  I didn't have much contribution in the production,so,I'm quite guilty.

My learning points:
I learnt that video production is not as easy as I thought and a lot of work is needed. All the way from pre-production to post-production,planning and efforts is needed. Group work is very important in this group production and we are very lucky as the group we are in is very cooperative with one another. Things are a little worse when having a actor like me as I don't know how to act.

Areas of Improvement:
I think that the problem lies with me. I am not a good actor and is really unable to convey the feelings needed in the scene. I often need lots of takes to get a scene right. I will laugh uncontrollably at wrong times. I hope I can focus on better and take lesser takes.

Sandy Khoo

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