Monday, April 18, 2011

Canon VJC Seminar-Reflections

I attended the Canon VJC Seminar last Saturday. It was an eye-opener for me as I have zero-knowledge on photography. There are 3 talks that we attended :

1)Bird Photography
This talk is mainly about how we actually find birds to photograph, the skills to use and the settings to use in different places. The speaker also showed us the photos he had taken and the camera that he used. It is a big telescope-like camera which has a very big lenses. This camera is also referred as the speaker's girlfriend.

2) Photojournalism
This talk is actually more useful to us as we are currently in journalism. The speaker is a Straits Times journalist. Being in their job is not easy as they have to be ready at all times, especially when reporting accidents. He also said that photos tells a story. In short, photo speaks a thousand words.

3) Sports/Action Photography
I find this talk the most interesting as the speaker seemed to be very interesting. She takes great pictures of sports and action. Normally,this kind of pictures are not easy to take as there is a lot of movement around. She says that pictures can be taken in many different perspectives. Most importantly, we have to capture the emotions,feelings and reactions. This makes the pictures very interesting to look at.

Then, we went around the booths to explore. However, as time is short, we didn't went out too much. I personally didn't really go around as I was stuck in the queue for the photo printing service. This event let me learn a little bit more about photography and I hope to attend such events again.

Sandy Khoo

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