Monday, April 18, 2011

Canon VJC Talk Reflection

I learnt many thing at the VJC Canon seminar and it was very engaging. The first talk was from a bird photographer, and I enjoyed it a lot. He said about how to get good shots and angles of birds, and which locations we can look for them. It was really fascinating to watch his breath-taking shots of birds right here in Singapore.
Next was the talk about photojournalism from Mr Terence Tan. He gave us an overview of what journalists do. He told us that there was not many ‘big’ things happening in Singapore so they have to open their eyes wide to look out for events that can be written about. I enjoyed his talk as well.
The last talk was about sports and action photography and I benefitted from it. The speaker said to look out for unique angles to take pictures of. 
The exhibits were also very interesting. I enjoyed the DSLR cameras with far range lenses.  The other exhibits such as Lamborghini Display were also interesting.

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