Monday, April 18, 2011

Reflection- Video Production (1)

My contribution in this video-production is a script-writer. I wrote the speech that Joshua had to say for the voice-over. The voice-over was for the voice of the dustbin.

I learnt how directors actually work and how they have to make sure that the angle of the camera and the position of the actors/actresses have to be exact. As we were filming from a dustbin's view/angle, we have to make sure that our actor/actress cannot be seen in the camera's view before entering the scene and before the camera starts rolling, otherwise it would be a bit too obvious.

I can improve by helping to position the actor/actress before we have actually started filming as the position is always a little wrong/out of place and we have to retake a few times. I could also make sure nobody disrupts our filming by walking pass the dustbin while we are filming.

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