Monday, June 27, 2011

NMiEF @Innova JC, Reflection

In the many things I learnt about Graphic Design, the one that made the most impact on me was 'The Elements and Principles of Art'. The trainers taught us about what we needed to make a great poster and what were the techniques to make the poster more impacting. The elements are: Shapes, Textures, Colours, Value, Lines, Form. The trainers mentioned that the lines of a poster could be conjoined together to form something of meaning. Colours are used to expressed certain genres of emotion, like red to evoke anger. Shapes are used in a picture in clusters to form an object. The textures used in shapes can show the location or the smoothness/roughness of an object. One of the principles of Art is 'Contrast', it means to show a difference or change within two things.

On the second day we were to do a video about courtesy, it was then that I learnt what the importance of teamwork is. All members of the group regardless of what we are in charge of and we should respect each others opinions.

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