Monday, March 28, 2011

Reflections on 2011 Celebrations @SST (Loynes Poh)

I was doing a backstage write up and I was backstage for whole event.Throughout the whole event there was not much things happening.The only thing that i saw was the the controlling of the presentation slides, the audio and the performers. For what happened during the event I saw how the whole show is being done by the help of the backstage crew. After the celebrations I went to the dance studio to do an interview with Lai ZiYing from S2-01 and her mother. Although there we did an NG but the following was good.Even thought Mrs Lai was quite nervous she did not showed that.The was another problem that Mrs Lai on know how to speak Chinese so we needed to do some translation so as to make the interview going.I think that I can do better in the backstage photos as there were not much photo on the backstage crew working.

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