Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My reflections of journalism lesson on 28/2/11(Mavis)

I have picked up a great knowledge about the organisation of a event I have also understand more about the details of this topic. When I realised that there are so much to reporting a event , I was simply awed by how it looks so simple in the article we see in a book.We discussed and recognised  the elements in a article of a event of what people would be interest in and want to read about it. I see the importance of knowing what will interest your readers and the procedure of planning out the report on a certain article.I also learnt  how the photographer should be prepared to shoot a event by familiarise  themselves with the sequence of the event and knowing what to shoot beforehand . The photographer , videographer and journalists worked  together closely to produce the report of a article was another thing I have learnt. I believe that these information will be very useful to me.

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