Monday, March 28, 2011

Reflection for Celebrations@SST_ Justin Lim

During the filming for Celebrations@SST I felt that it was extremely tiring. Standing for 2 and a half hours to film the process though fun had hurt my legs. I had learnt that different filming styles can be used for different parts of the event, for example I do not have to keep holding the camera when there is a speech being given as there is no active movement from the speaker. I also learnt that I have to be very alert during events like these, as at one point I missed the GOH coming into the hall due to the unexpected circumstance that he would be late and the que that the emcees would give would also be late.
I felt relieved to have a senior, Hardy, next to me as he gave me some advice about filming and told me to anticipate certain events so I can get a clearer shot of it. 

I felt that i could have done better in terms of filming and the setting up of the video camera. I had some problems with the panning around and thus it caused the video camera to shake. I also should not have zoomed in and out constantly just to get a perfect shot as in the film it can be seen that I am zooming in and out. 

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