Monday, March 28, 2011

Reflections on 2011Celebrations @SST_Sandy Khoo

As I was a prize recipient, I didn't get a chance to be a part of the crew for the event. However, from my seat, I can see the media club crew working very hard to do up the full coverage of the event. Though there may be some times where they are abit flustered when things goes a little wrong, but they stayed pretty calm and eventually resolved the matter. I am very impressed and I hope to be like them if I'm in a similar situation.

Reflections For Celebrations@SST_ Joshua Leong

Watching from the elevated benches located at the back of the hall gave me a spectacular view of the ceremony. I could see the media club photographers and videographers moving around to take picturesque photos of the ceremony, I could also see that they were very diligently doing their work but were a little startled when unexpected things took place but they quickly resumed their form and did their work diligently.

I think that the photographers and videographers were well organised and carried out their plan fluidly but I  think that they should have taken more photos as there are missing photos such as the photo of all the students showcasing their talents.

Reflections For Celebrations@SST - Isaac Lim

Watching from the front seats, I could see some of the photographers and videographers participating actively by taking photos and videos of the event. They were extremely alert to take note of the flow of events and they coordinated well to the timing and captured the scenes. This was particularly evident while they were taking photos and videos of the performances.

I also think that the photographers and videographers were very organized as they had planned what they wanted to do and carried out the process rather smoothly and discretely, without distracting the audience. However, few photos were put up on the article and photos of the reaction from the audience were also not put up. Otherwise, it was a job well done.

Reflection: Celebrations@SST by Keming

I thought that the photographers and videographers did a good job. The photographers took a lot of photos and the videographers took videos of the interesting performances and speeches. Although I was not part of the event, I was able to see the photographers and the videographers hard at work. I would like to be part of other events by taking photos or videos next time.

Reflections For Celebrations@SST_Jerome Heng

Even though I was not a spectator, I could still see (well, somewhat) what the photographers and videographers were doing from the back of the hall. They seemed very busy to try to capture the important scenes in the celebrations, and they had to have perfect timing, especially during the performances, to capture the most impressive part of the performance. They also had to be very alert for the important or unexpected events, such as the part when the VIP arrived, and the part when the prize-winners went on stage.

I also think that the videographers and photographers were rather organized, as they were only a little startled when unexpected and important things happened. They were also not very distracted, and they stayed focused on the celebrations.

Reflections on 2011 Celebrations @SST (Loynes Poh)

I was doing a backstage write up and I was backstage for whole event.Throughout the whole event there was not much things happening.The only thing that i saw was the the controlling of the presentation slides, the audio and the performers. For what happened during the event I saw how the whole show is being done by the help of the backstage crew. After the celebrations I went to the dance studio to do an interview with Lai ZiYing from S2-01 and her mother. Although there we did an NG but the following was good.Even thought Mrs Lai was quite nervous she did not showed that.The was another problem that Mrs Lai on know how to speak Chinese so we needed to do some translation so as to make the interview going.I think that I can do better in the backstage photos as there were not much photo on the backstage crew working.

Reflection on Celebration@SST 2011- Ruoyu

I was the interviewer for the celebration at SST event,i started preparing the questions for the interview a week before the event and one of the trouble  i faced was choosing out the appropriate questions for the interview i was not very sure which questions to choose so i got some help from Ms Seah , the next challenge  i had to face was during the actual interview i got quite nervous and mumbled a few sentences but luckily,during the second take, i was able to do quite well.
If i had the second chance i would have practiced it in front of the mirror a few more times before the actual interview , but overall i had lots of fun doing this and i hope to be able to do it again

Reflection for Celebration@SST( Alvin Tang )

      I feel that the Overall for the Celebration@SST was still good enough as not much bloopers were made during the celebration. As a member of a Media Club, we would be given task like this in other kind of celebration to showcase what we had done during that particular event. We ,Media Club, are also helping out for the preparation for the events and everyone in the Media Club should know the overall of it as then they would know where the good parts will come and they would need to capture.
     Well they organize it quite well as i was not distracted by anything meaning that they have captured the audience attention. It was quite orderly, not much mess was made during the event. Important things should be included as they would like to find out more about what happen during the event.

Reflection on 2011 Celebrations @ SST ( Mavis Cheng)

I felt that it was a new experience for me to be exposed to a event and take pictures. I was quite nervous before the ceremony as I was worried that my photos might not be up to the standard. The audience responses were hard to catch and I was rather lost in rushing to and fro hoping to capture their expressions. I felt that the image of the audiences applauding was the most challenging thing to me during the whole process.

The whole process of the ceremony was quite organized . I think I could have improved on planning on what I should capture and what are the aspects to take note of before the event. I would have to adjust the shutter speed before the start of the event so that my photographs would not appear to be blur.

Reflection for Celebration@SST_Genevieve Foo

Watching from the steps at the back of the hall, I could see the photographers and videographers at work. They did whatever they could to capture every single moment of the event. The photographers seem to be moving non-stop throughout the entire process. I did not notice much as I was too busy watching the performances and clapping for my friends who went up on stage to get a prize for their achievements. I noticed that the photographers and videographers had to stand throughout the whole thing. I would like to try and do something for an event. If I am a spectator again, I would try and notice more things about the things and processes the Media Club do.

Reflection for Celebrations@SST_ Justin Lim

During the filming for Celebrations@SST I felt that it was extremely tiring. Standing for 2 and a half hours to film the process though fun had hurt my legs. I had learnt that different filming styles can be used for different parts of the event, for example I do not have to keep holding the camera when there is a speech being given as there is no active movement from the speaker. I also learnt that I have to be very alert during events like these, as at one point I missed the GOH coming into the hall due to the unexpected circumstance that he would be late and the que that the emcees would give would also be late.
I felt relieved to have a senior, Hardy, next to me as he gave me some advice about filming and told me to anticipate certain events so I can get a clearer shot of it. 

I felt that i could have done better in terms of filming and the setting up of the video camera. I had some problems with the panning around and thus it caused the video camera to shake. I also should not have zoomed in and out constantly just to get a perfect shot as in the film it can be seen that I am zooming in and out. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Introduction video( Mavis)

This is my link to my introduction video . Thank you.

Mavis Cheng

My reflections of journalism lesson on 28/2/11(Mavis)

I have picked up a great knowledge about the organisation of a event I have also understand more about the details of this topic. When I realised that there are so much to reporting a event , I was simply awed by how it looks so simple in the article we see in a book.We discussed and recognised  the elements in a article of a event of what people would be interest in and want to read about it. I see the importance of knowing what will interest your readers and the procedure of planning out the report on a certain article.I also learnt  how the photographer should be prepared to shoot a event by familiarise  themselves with the sequence of the event and knowing what to shoot beforehand . The photographer , videographer and journalists worked  together closely to produce the report of a article was another thing I have learnt. I believe that these information will be very useful to me.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reflection-28th Feb

I know what is needed to be prepared when doing video of an event. Examples are having to prepare questions to be asked to the interviewee,angles of how to shoot the video.I know what is needed to include when doing journalism and we also need to give time for the interviewee to be questioned and not to give them the questions suddenly and ask them for the answers right away.As well as the requirements of doing photography,videography and journalism for school events.I hope that next time,i will be able to help too!

Loynes Poh Self introduction

Hi,I am Loynes this is a short clip about me.